Success is Moving and CupCakes Celebrate It!


Isn’t it strange that we will always have those cakes in every kind of celebrations we do? Cakes are always associated with the sweetest memories. This is a big reason that I, Aaron, love baking so much. I always wanted to do something in baking and at the same time loved meeting new people. For example, I was shooting off some ideas with a fellow company owner in a totally different service. This Plano Tree Service company owner was nice enough to give his customers some of my cupcake samples to give to all his customers! So I was excited for someone to help with passing out samples. Anyways, In the childhood when I used to give my baked cakes to someone new, they used to love it and that expression of that unknown person always thrilled me. As I Grew up, all these factors got combined and compelled me to come up with this idea of cupcakes filled moving truck.

Putting it altogether

The structure of the truck and its look is the most important thing to me. The truck will be an advertisement for itself and that’s why it’s so vital to make it look attractive. It will also sell, thus, it must have a selling zone where people will buy those cakes comfortably. As a maker I will also take care of the making place in the truck and buyers will always get the cakes at best condition.

How it all Started

The basic idea was always in my mind from childhood. It’s hard to tell how I got this, but most probably the moving ice cream vans were the source of it. I always thought that people love baked cakes because it is a food that is easy to your teeth and doesn’t hurt the digestive system also. It has its own genre. The truck idea has been developed to give a taste of the baked cakes to the people when they are expecting it least. It will reach out to people that is exactly opposite of the tradition where people reach to shops.

Joining with technology

I have also planned that our truck will develop a route and with social networking sites and apps people will able to find us. As social networking sites and apps have presented the chance of keeping connection anytime anywhere, we will use this chance to let the people know about our route map. In this way, people will be also able to know when we are visiting the locality again and they will be ready for it.

A footnote for myself

I never wanted a regular life. I am not saying its bad, but I personally never wanted to live in that regular office suit. This idea will help to do what I wanted to and that’s what matters in our life.

Cafe Truck

Me a Truck and a Dream…

My name is Aaron and here I am going to share my idea of opening up a cupcake food truck that will travel to places. Initially many people laughed at my idea, but as I told them elaborately about my plan they felt it is interesting.

How I planning

The basic picture I have is, a small truck that would be filled with cupcakes of different flavors and it will travel several places with an advertisement in its body. It will also have a counter that will be on the side of the truck and people will be able to buy directly from it. The basic features will be simple and yet attractive as people won’t be expecting to come across such a truck in their path. I have also plans to make room for making also so that people always get the freshest thing from the truck.

The idea

It all started with my love for foods and traveling. I always loved to bake cakes and I used to try several flavors, but as many people started to praise my work I started to take it seriously. I was thinking of building a bakers shop in my locality and then suddenly my travel lover side said why not make a roaming shop. The idea of the truck with cupcakes first came when I saw a distributor truck of a renowned bakery company coming to a local branch. I suddenly thought if people could buy directly buy from that truck only. The idea got stuck in my head and I started planning it.

The X Factor

The biggest reason I am so much into this project is the surprise it has with it. Cakes will always have a connection with happiness. It is very common on many occasions and this is why people always love it. If people can suddenly find that a piece of cake is available on their way, in the high road or in the local crossing they will suddenly become surprised and also happy. They would love to try it because the shop itself will be a very interesting thing that one can’t see every day. Another important factor is the maintenance cost of cupcake truck will be no costlier than the traditional cake shop and at the same time, it will discover many different markets.

In the end, it can be said that if it doesn’t make much profit, it won’t be a problem. I will be still doing the thing I love and that’s a rare privilege in our world.

Cupcakes Across America!!!

Welcome everybody to Cupcakes Across America! I’m so excited to bring you an inside look into my life as a world traveler and Cupcake enthusiast! I love everything about the cupcake and I hope to share my tastes and experience in making the most delicious cupcakes!

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